Just a small donation of $27.00 will make a massive impact for a disadvantaged child for a whole term!

There’s a serious problem with our education system in Australia

It’s a problem that’s been pushed to the back of the classroom, it’s a problem that isn’t publicised but ignored in the hopes it will just “go away”.

 It’s no secret that Australian primary schools are struggling to afford basic resources to help their students excel in the classroom.

 Year on year the cost of living rises but wages stay stagnant.  Parents are struggling to pay for basic necessities like power, fuel and food, yet the ones who suffer are our most vulnerable Australians of all. Our children.

Help us to provide free learning resources to disadvantaged children around Australia. Your donation will not only give these children the recourses they desperately need and deserve, but also help instil a sense of pride and get them excited about their education!

Our mission is to crush the generational poverty cycle for disadvantaged children and help them to fall in love with learning, propelling them to higher education and gainful employment in the future.

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